Listen to music that opens your heart-mind. Support local artists. Connect with street performers. Participate in crowdfunding campaigns. Buy directly from musicians, independent labels, or independent record stores. If you are inspired by music, share it. Tell your friends. Gift them with your favourites. Remember this: The gift must always flow!


First and foremost, if I had to recommend only one album to you, it would be “Hvel” by Árstíðir – among the most beautiful human-made sounds I’ve ever listened to. I also happily crowdfunded its production, which makes me the proud keeper of a sample of original ash from Eyjafjallajökull (plus CD and Vinyl and stuff). Close runner-up is Ayreon‘s “01011001” due to the epic storyline.

I deepened my love for crowdfunding, pay-what-you-like business models, and direct connection through Amanda Palmer, thanks to my dear brother who turned my attention towards her music on Bandcamp a couple of years ago.

Some other fine music which I’ve recently discovered and supported:

I recently discovered beautiful music on KEXP, such as Hælos.

More singer/songwriter/artist recommendations, on the inspirational / folk / medieval side:

If you like darkwave, psybient/trance-like music and stuff:

If there can be some gothic / rock / metal / avantgarde / … in it:

Best album picks:

Inspiring songs that move me to tears:

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