Weaving the Tapestry of Quintessence

Ever since my childhood days I’ve been interested in the “quintessence”, structure and relation of things in this universe. This web spun by my consciousness was constantly transforming its shape, its threads widening here and narrowing there, as I directed my attention more and more in distinct directions with child-like curiosity.

Such a web obviously does not cover everything, it is not complete. Occasionally when something inspires you, suddenly you “discover” a new thread interweaving itself with the web.

Now let us go one step further. Let us visualise a multidimensional structure, consisting of a large (countably infinite?) set of units or “nodes”, with all nodes being directly connected to each other by the imaginary threads. The emerging loops and “patterns” with stronger interconnections are like super-nodes, representing larger memes or memeplexes, and you can freely combine all of these… and go beyond.

What is the point? Where does it end?

Maybe one possible “goal” of this game is to rediscover all the connections, until a completely homogeneous structure emerges, leading to full transcendence. Greed, aversion and delusion should be abandoned on the way, lest they would automatically create inhomogenities. But then again, it’s just a visualisation of a path that has been described already in the past – in various different ways.

This is where structural matches, isomorphisms, linking and translating, dichotomies, triangles and lots of other funny things come into play. I will explain my views on these later when my thoughts are sorted. :-)

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