A September to Remember

Last month has brought a variety of changes and developments, parts of which have long been overdue.

September started with an unpleasant bacterial pharyngitis – and pleasant progress in my understanding of Theravada. Halfway through the month I had my first oral exam for almost three years (Analytical Mechanics), and to my great surprise I not only got an A, but also lots of encouraging and inspiring feedback from Prof. Schnizer! I was so motivated that I immediately started cleaning my room (a difficult task!) upon returning home. :-)

From September 16th-24th I played the Graz Open (a chess tournament), group B. Due to the lack of training/preparation I not start very well, but thanks to a strong finish (3/3) I ended up getting 6/9 points. I learned and practiced a lot about concentration and focus.

In the end of September I went to the “Haus der Stille” for five days to practice meditation and to put my recent progress on a more solid foundation. Two days of Zazen, three days of Vipassana – filled with sitting and walking meditation, house and garden work, and mostly silence. I will write an extensive report of these incredible days here in the upcoming posts.

Immediately upon arrival my new semester at university started, and it truly has never been so much fun before! Not only are the lectures quite exciting (even those that I have already visited in the past years), but I am also looking forward to further exams and the deepening of my knowledge. Eventually an auspicious spirit returns, just as in my childhood days: the delight of knowledge and understanding of things, their nature, structure and relations.

My beloved girlfriend Natalie also returned in the beginning of October. Hooray! Even more challenges lie ahead, along with an unprecedented amount of confidence that the course of things will yield a surprisingly pleasant outcome. :-)

4 thoughts on “A September to Remember

  1. Quote: I had my first oral exam since almost three years (Analytical Mechanics), and to my great surprise I not only got an A, but also lots of encouraging and inspiring feedback from Prof. Schnizer! I was so motivated…

    Gratulation! Weiter so. Dann noch ein paar Knöderl essen nicht vergessen & es wird noch was aus Dir. Nur nicht runtergehen vom Gas! Cheers!

  2. Glad your girlfriend is back – I also am putting up with a “long distance relationship” with my sweetie – and missing him badly because it is twice as long of a wait!

    You’re very articulate as a writer – no wonder you did well in your oral exams.

    I also have a blog at http://franis.blogspot.com called “my half of conversations” that you might enjoy if you have time to read/comment in your busy life!

  3. Thank you very much! Actually I have never really performed well on my oral exams, mainly due to nervosity. But these days it’s getting better – yesterday I got a B on Electrodynamics. Hooray! :-)

    I checked your blog and other sites, and indeed I enjoy your writings. Thank you for revealing them to me! It will take me a while to read everything, though… and of course to post comments!

    I wish you & your sweetheart all the best for your LDR (and life in general). :-)

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