A summary without focus

Here come the highlights from the last few days: On Sunday Hope and I visited my brother and his girlfriend in their lovely new flat. We spent a wonderful and very inspiring evening with drinks, dinner (cooked by my brother), games and long philosophical discussions.

On Monday evening I overcame a temptation and felt that life was good. Later I made some slices of bread for dinner – with focus and full attention (which was really quite difficult to maintain until the end). Mario, who once again knew it all, drew me an apple.

On Tuesday I tried to memorize one of Shakespeare’s love sonnets as a surprise for my girlfriend. During the evening I lost more and more of it, and was slightly frustrated when I went to bed. But when I woke up in the morning, everything was there again.

A simple phone call on Wednesday totally dispelled my inner peace, and I was mainly frustrated about letting minor things so intensely take hold of me. My stomach reacted likewise with irritation during the night. My discomposure was of course quite unnecessary.

On Thursday I listenend to an old man’s very interesting war- and post-war-experiences. I think that for us (the younger generations) their (the older people’s) perspectives can be quite valuable, especially when you see how some things change and others don’t.

Today I am wasting enormous amounts of time and energy in front of the computer, and occasionally try to focus – in vain. It feels as though this week is passing far too quickly!

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  1. war/post-war> … talked to my grandparents too about this topic three weeks ago (it was my granddaddies birthday). he told some interesting stuff you never get to hear in documentaries.

    they had some french workers at their farm and he is still thoughtful about him, and would like to make contact with him again… interesting to listen to…. will tell you more personally next time in Graz :)

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