Chess + String Theory = :-)

We did it again! Last Friday, in round 8/11 of the Stadtliga Graz, the mighty Schachgesellschaft defeated the team of Styria Graz with 4,5:3,5 points (their first defeat of this season). I contributed to this glorious result with a victory. Thus we are steadily becoming the most feared team of the league: young, strong, and fearless!

Otherwise my studies keep me very busy. I visit many lectures in this semester, including an “Introduction into String Theory“. We, a group of students and two university professors, are trying to introduce ourselves to this weird state-of-the-art branch of theoretical physics, following a book from Barton Zwiebach. It encourages me to refresh my dusty knowledge about many other important subjects (analytical mechanics, quantum mechanics, electrodynamics, …).

Programming in MatLab for “Computer Simulations” is fun, too. Although I have already completed most of the required examples two years ago, it’s good to get back into it. If I had ten lives, in one of them I might have become a programmer (writer, musician, monk, chess master, …). But in this life, I shall now rise to the challenge of physics!

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