Recollection of Past Events

My beloved girlfriend turned my birthday (March 14) into a most wonderful experience. We also had dinner in a place called “Pharaonentempel” which resembles an ancient egyptian temple both from the inside and outside. The exquisite meals were truly delicious!

Two days later I had a very inspiring conversation with one of my friends from the “good old Amiga times”. The day after, ironically just when I thought that life was good, I encountered some heart problems and thus became painfully aware of my still present fear of death. Fortunately it turned out to be quite harmless, but I should have my heart checked by a specialist nonetheless.

On Saturday (March 18) I celebrated with my friends in the “Sägewerk”. Some of them even came down all the way from Vienna! My brother wrote me a wonderful poem. I actually got far too many gifts but gladly accepted all of them. :-)

The following week passed quickly, and was dominated by my efforts to establish a more “systematic approach” towards my tasks, issues and future development. I will give a more detailed description later!

Last weekend my girlfriend and I watched “The Constant Gardener” together, which we both enjoyed very much. I shall write a short review soon. The movie also made me think a lot, even more and harder than usual. During this week I had some interesting insights at night which are difficult to explain right now, along with more heart troubles even in my dreams. Is that a reminder to focus on the essential things? I am sure I should take it that way.

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