Ancient Muses

When last did you revel in the kiss of a Muse?

At some stages of my life I have been graciously kissed by the Muses. Occasionally they come to me in the form of human beings, like five years ago, leading me to the composition of words like these:

“From a font the well springs, meanders through rough rock and smooth stone, grows into a small streamlet, gracefully flows downhill and swells from river to stream, until it fills the large valleys and unites all water into one vast and mighty sea. Never before have I felt such a delightful flow of things, nor any other delight, as now in your company and by virtue of your existence.”

I hope you enjoy this flowery style as much as I do; if it does not inspire you at all, bear with me! For I intend to share more of my prose and lyric in the times to come. I seek to nurture and develop my writing skills. Your feedback will always be warmly appreciated. :-)

(Thanks to Dusk for the inspiration!)

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