Homage to Boykie

The smallest living being can have an enormous impact on the fortunes of other living beings, and thus on the course of the world.

One such being was Boykie, a cat with black fur and soothing radiance. When Boykie passed away in the dignified age of 17 years, I felt compelled to compose a poem, thus paying well-deserved homage to him, as well as to those who loved him as a family member. I feel honoured to know him and the beneficial impact that his presence had among the family and living beings around him.

Black like a panther gleamed his fur,
of amber were his eyes:
a feline beauty, soft his purr –
an angel in disguise.

In graceful steps he strode along
and spread upon the throne,
to snooze and fill the air with song
while sun upon him shone.

With radiance comely and serene
he filled our hearts with peace,
caressed our souls with love and sheen,
set troubled minds at ease.

Our guardian, bequeath the flame –
your earthly quest is done;
A star has risen, bears your name:
you are compare to none.

Farewell! And may you ever shine
upon our night and day!
In loving memories through time
immortal you will stay.

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