Nightly Nightwish News

Instead of finishing one out of many incomplete postings, I’d like to recommend a new song by Nightwish members Tuomas Holopainen and Marco Hietala. It is called “While Your Lips Are Still Red” and will appear on the soundtrack for the upcoming Finnish movie “Lieksa!“, which looks promising according to the video.

The song is not a Nightwish track, but Tuomas composed it beautifully and Marco sings with an unexpectedly clean voice, which took me two or three listening cycles to get fully accustomed to. Now I just adore the song – although a decent female voice would surely make an excellent alternative version!

Speaking of female voices, I am really curious about the vocal abilities of their new singer Anette Olzon. She sounds lovely on the new radio single “Eva“, however I am slightly skeptical about her voice in the other song previews. We shall find out more in August and September when the new single “Amaranth” and album “Dark Passion Play” are released…

Meanwhile their former singer Tarja Turunen is not sleeping either, preparing a new solo album. For a non-Nightwish song with her from 2005, watch and listen here! :-)